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What should you do if you have an auto accident.

by Mark Shaw on April 13th, 2011

If you have injuries and/or $1000 in vehicle damage you should go either to the local Police station, or download from the Registry website an operator’s report, or call our office so we can fax,email, or mail you the report. The form should be done in triplicate – one to the local police in the town that the accident happened, one to the Registry and one to be submitted to your insurance carrier(either directly or through our office).

If you are contacted by the other carrier it is important that you cooperate with them and answer their questions accurately. Many times they are just confirming that the accident happened the way that their client said. Pretend that it was your carrier contacting the other party who rear-ended you and if that party did not respond that would affect how fast you are paid for your damage.

If you chose not to purchase rental reimbursement coverage from your carrier and you know who hit you, you may be able to obtain a rental from the carrier responsible for the accident. If your carrier has appraised your damage, then the other carrier will want to see that estimate before authorizing rental coverage for you. That appraisal usually notes the estimated # of days it should take to repair your car’s damage. That is the amount of days that you are asking for, for┬áthe rental. When your vehicle is being repaired, the auto body may find additional damage and will amend that original estimate with a supplemental figure which increases your claim amount. The auto body may have you sign an authorization to pay the auto body direct from the insurance carrier instead of mailing you the check.

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