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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

by Mark Shaw on March 28th, 2011

Coverage #3 on your Massachusetts Auto Policy deals with you being hit by someone who is uninsured. According to a 2009 national study by the Insurance Research Council they found that one in six drivers across the U.S. may be driving uninsured. That is almost 17% of all drivers!  Now, Massachusetts is a compulsory auto insurance state, but some are still driving with plates that have been cancelled due to insurance that has not been paid and/or renewed. I’m sure that you are not aware that N.H. is a non compulsory auto insurance state. There is a rule for financial responsibility in N.H., but if you are not required to have car insurance or do not have a car loan on the vehicle – that individual may not have the insurance to take care of your injuries when he/she hits you. The tough part of this coverage is you may have great health insurance coverage, but is that enough? Since we are a compulsory auto insurance state, the cost to upgrade your coverage is pretty reasonable.

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