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Refinancing Your Home?

by Mark Shaw on February 18th, 2011

Have you ever thought to call your agent to tell him or her that you are refinancing your home?

If you are refinancing to get a lower rate, that’s one thing. But, if you are refinancing ┬ábecause you are planning make a large, or substantial, investment in your home, ┬álike renovations, an addition, or a swimming pool, these change may require some important insurance coverage changes that are not necessarily already provided in your homeowner’s policy. Even if you recently received an inheritance and are using those funds to finance the changes your self, there are often still insurance considerations to take into account. You will be increasing your home’s replacement value with the improvements. You could be introducing structural changes to your home which could require a “builders risk” endorsement that needs to added during construction.

If you think you might have one of these situations, please call us for a free review of your options and the protections available to you.

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